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Sometimes the best performances don’t come from the best of performances. Anyone who has ever sung at a funeral for a loved one knows it.

Remember 2 things: You can be technically perfect without being excellent, and you don’t have to perfect to be excellent. Pursue excellence.


ROCKET FUEL MONDAY – February 25, 2013

Creativity takes time.


ROCKET FUEL MONDAY- February 11, 2013

It’s been a while, to say the least.

Beck to the rescue. Absolutely ridiculously overwhelmingly captivating.


ROCKET FUEL MONDAY – October 22, 2012

Sometimes creativity takes discipline.

A picture of his son. Everyday. For 21 years.


ROCKET FUEL MONDAY – October 1, 2012

Another Gotye cover? Yes. But with an HP scanner on vocals.

(Saw this in @thatericalper‘s Twitter feed)


ROCKET FUEL MONDAY – August 21, 2012

A day late, but nonetheless:

I feel like Elizabeth is awfully close to something here, the likes of which she may not even realize…



I dig John the Baptist. I actually think I might be scared of him were we to meet in person. I have this image of him as kind of a UFC-looking, bulky, hairy dude. I imagine myself being nervous and saying something awkward and sarcastic (my default) and his head would just whip around to glare into my soul through my eyes with his fireball vision and my bowels would just release on cue. Clearly what I’m saying is my imagination could do with some qualified care ministry. I also like him because he, as my dad would say, called a spade a shovel. He told it like it was. He wasn’t intimidated by anybody and said cool stuff like, “You brood of vipers!” (Luke 3). I confess, sometimes I even imagine him cussing at people. But that’s probably not right and I really do likely need to spend some time under the wing of a trusted professional.
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Occasionally I get to do a workshop at an event or a conference. I’ll get asked to speak on “something about worship” to a group of worship leaders or team members and a few other curious stragglers. I’m not a big name or someone most folks would have any compulsion to look to for advice, but I love doing it when I get the chance. I try my best to prepare, usually over-so, but I’ve learned over the course of several of these things that I really like when people ask questions and give feedback. I may have an outline and a plan, but I find it best to respond to what the folks in the room really want to discuss and do my best to roll with that. I feel more confident and fired up when I feel I’m actually directly addressing the pertinent issues in the room. Plus it helps avoid that awkward moment when you get the sense 10 minutes into your talk that everyone is looking at you thinking, “Yeah, we knew that. Yawn.” Continue Reading…


ROCKET FUEL MONDAY – August 13, 2012

Embrace the shake.



Do you have one of those things in life that just haunts you? I’m not talking about, like, a deceased relative with unfinished business to share with you through Jennifer Love Hewitt or something. I mean a question or phenomenon that, whenever you encounter it, lights up your synapses like a something-less-cliche-than-a-Christmas-tree. Maybe it’s magicians. Excuse me. “Illusionists”. Maybe whenever you see David Copperfield you can’t stop asking yourself, “How does he DO that?? And what does this have to do with Charles Dickens??” Maybe it’s mechanical stuff. Maybe you see things like cars, toasters, or that thing with the paddle and the ball on a string and think, “How does that work??”. Continue Reading…

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